Mindless Behaviors is a human liberation organization that raises awareness about deeply-rooted issues that are scarcely vocalized in everyday situations. We are creating social conversations around behaviors that open minds to new perspectives and alternative ways of thinking. Our organization offers individuals effective communication tools that increase self-awareness, enhance perceptions and implement problem-solving tactics in their everyday lives.


Fashion Meets Poetry, led by founder Lisa Harris, is a mission-driven company built on the community platform of Beauty and Bravery. Through the power of poetry, beauty and fashion combined with stories of bravery from everyday women, Fashion Meets Poetry is changing the landscape of women’s empowerment.


Marcus Styles is a multi-media designer. His work focuses on visually presenting your passion through Visual Design, Photography, and Creative Direction. he finds himself often creating more minimalistic aesthetics, while merging fashion, life, and art into each project. Since finding his voice as a multimedia designer, he has taken ownership of his talents and helps people produce powerful experiences for the products they're most passionate about.